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46 Berwick street

Berwick St 22 (ground floor)
Berwick St 25 (ground floor)
Berwick St 13 (1st floor)
Berwick St 27 (exterior)
Berwick St 26 (ground floor)
Berwick St 16 (1st floor)
Berwick St 3 (3rd floor)
Berwick St 11 (2nd floor)
Berwick St 6 (2nd floor)
Berwick St 18 (1st floor)

46 Berwick street

This project is a CAT B refurbishment of the existing 1st to 3rd floor space of the building, with extensive structural reinforcement works being carried out to help retain some of the original historic features.

Works include the restoration of existing features, new joinery throughout such as custom wall panels and Kitchenette, decorations, and the like.

The WCs were redesigned and refurbished to provide modern services. The common parts were also updated to a modern theme with new feature nosings accompanying a sanded and sealed original timber floor and wall finish.

Mechanical and Electrical upgrades were carried out throughout the entire building.

Project: 46 Berwick Street

Value: £590K

Duration: 6 Weeks

Project Manager: Paragon Building Consultancy

Architect: Studioshaw Architects

Contract Format: Traditional

Account Manager: Liam Grenander

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