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  • Calum McCulloch

Violet Melchett CHC

May 2023 – Violet Melchett Childrens Health Centre, London – Dilapidation works, Project instructed.

The project is for the internal & external, strip-out and refurbishment works to finalise a long-term end of lease.

Internally: Removal of tenant’s previous fitout, finishes, chattels, etc, and for reinstating new floor finishes, update lighting, Ceiling repairs/replacement as necessary, and a full decorative installation.

Externally: Removal of tenant’s fixtures, fittings, play equipment, etc. Inspect roof finishes and undertake repairs and/or renewal of roof coverings as necessary, brick repairs, window repairs and decorations.

Due to Start June 2023, Due to complete October 2023.

#micaprojects #expandingbycontracting #construction

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